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Wash Ideas Weekly #64 - "City Council Sideshow"

This week is a news show featuring industry journalist and regular to the show Kate Carr, of Professional Carwashing and Detailing - we discuss some of the industry news and what this means to you as a car wash operator.

Featuring Ryan Carlson (Your Host)

Kate Carr (Editor, Professional Carwash & Detailing)

Show SponsorsWashCard Systems, Hydraflex Inc., Slip Stream


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Posted on December 2, 2010 and filed under Charity Carwashing, Editorial, Industry Talk, Podcast.

Wash Ideas Weekly #60 - "Managing Your Staff and Building a Great Team"

This week we discuss labor, staffing, and how to manage the "human" side of Human Resources. It all starts at hiring and knowing more about the staff you have and how to best utilize them. We interview Susan Black-Beth of Super Wash, Robert Greene of Carwash Express, and Perry Powell "Mr.Neuromarketing" of Perry Powell Consulting. This show goes into the 10-Ten must listen shows. Hear from those with experience and how to take the emotions out of staffing and make the best long term decisions about your hiring and firing.

Posted on October 8, 2010 and filed under Industry Talk, Podcast.

Wash Ideas Weekly #48 - "Learning from your Competition"

We take our panel this week of industry insiders and operators to talk about looking to the local competition with fresh eyes. How can we learn about being a better business and a better competitor? Great show this week - a MUST listen.

Featuring Ryan Carlson (Your Host), Curt Aton (Franklin Carwash), Kyle Doyle ( and Blue Sky Media Group), Robert Greene (Carwash Express Inc.), Kate Carr (Editor, PC&D)

Show Sponsors: Modern Car Care, WashCard Systems

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Posted on June 17, 2010 and filed under Editorial, Industry Talk, Marketing, Podcast.