Wash Ideas Weekly #70 - "Gritty Details of Detailing Down Under"

This week I went back to my archives of recordings from 2010 and uncovered a little gem. This is a great conversation with a group of Australian operators, an Australian distributor, and an innovative chemical company. We even have an american operator who discovered a way to take some of the innovations in carwashing that drought regulations forced on austrailian carwash operators and brought back some goodies to the equally drought ridden California. The discussion gets slightly promotional in nature but I think passion and enthusiasm for what they are doing plays a large part - and you can't argue with a happy customer, can you?

Featuring Ryan Carlson (Your Host)

Blair and Errol Woolcott (Cargroomers Australia) - Soap manufacturer based in Brisbane Australia who sells a water-saving line of chemicals in the US (slipstreamautomotive.com.au)

Chris Johns (Managing Director, Hoppys Hand Wash Cafe - Brisbane) - Chris is the winner of the 2008 ICA Leadership in Innovation Award.

Matt and Jeff (Owners of Matt and Jeff's Car Wash, California USA)

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Featured Company on Episode #70  Slip Stream Automotive - Australian car wash suppliers have had to find ways to reduce water usage and improve wash quality, learn more about this unique product line by visiting them on the web or calling them at ph 0416188858

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Posted on February 11, 2011 .