Wash Ideas Weekly #67 - "The Secret Ingredient of Waterless Car Washing"

This week we talk with an industry expert and operator who utilizes waterless and Eco Friendly zero-discharge car washing techniques and technology. We learn about the cleaning process, the business model, the secret ingredient, and the opportunities it reaches that traditional car washes can't touch. Is waterless carwash the real-deal or is it just a fairytale?

 Your Host: Ryan Carlson (Owner, Wash Ideas - Contact Me)

This Weeks Guests:

Kate Carr (Editor, Professional Carwashing & Detailing)

Kyle Doyle (Owner, CarwashTV and Blue Sky Image Group)

Jim Fitzpatrick (Owner, Pronto Wash and Eco-Wash Detailing Advocate)

 This Weeks Sponsors:

WashCard Systems

Hydraflex Inc. - HFI

Western Car Wash Association / South East Car Wash Association

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Posted on January 21, 2011 .