Wash Ideas Weekly #66 - "Do you dare to coupon with Groupon?"

This week we dive into the popular local-business coupon service that is the current 'media-darling' that has business owners seeing stars just as often as some will see dollar signs... the real question we seek to answer is, "who's making the money - the car wash or Groupon?"

 Your Host: Ryan Carlson (Owner, Wash Ideas - Contact Me)

This Weeks Guests:

Kate Carr (Editor, Professional Carwashing & Detailing)

Kyle Doyle (Owner, CarwashTV and Blue Sky Image Group)

Jamie Nester (General Manager, Flagstop Car Wash)

Additional Data Provided by:

Mark Lile (Owner, Ultimate Auto Wash)

 This Weeks Sponsors:

WashCard Systems

Hydraflex Inc. - HFI

Western Car Wash Association / South East Car Wash Association


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Posted on January 14, 2011 .