Wash Ideas Weekly #51 - "How Car Washing is Saving Lives"

This show is one of my favorite shows to date - It gives an entirely new meaning to "earning a customer for life". This show isn't about how to maximize your business profits, it's about how car wash businesses are doing something far more important than clean a car, it's in the way they are changing peoples lives. Tune in for two amazing stories - first we have cancer survivor Fred Grauer talk about how he is using his business to raise awareness and how Super Wash is putting food into food pantries in over a 160 communities.

Featuring Ryan Carlson (Your Host), Susan Black-Beth (Chief Operating Officer, Super Wash), Fred Grauer (Owner Whistle Stop Carwash, VP Micrologics), George Spelius (Editor, Modern Car Care)

Show Sponsors: Modern Car Care, WashCard Systems, Hydraflex Inc.

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Posted on July 16, 2010 and filed under Car Wash Associations, Industry Talk, Marketing, Podcast.