Wash Ideas Weekly #26 - "Don't Forget Tiny Town"

In today's episode of Wash Ideas Weekly, we discuss how we can better utilize our time at a trade show and follow through with plans, how media is forgetting about professional car washing as an alternative to driveway washing, and discuss new technology that makes marketing our business better.

Featuring Ryan Carlson (Your Host), Kate Carr (Editor, PD&D Magazine), Perry Powell (Wash Consultant), Holly Macriss (Executive Director, Western Carwash Association)

Show Sponsors: Modern Car Care

Thanks Again program: To learn more about offering reward miles for YOUR customers when they use your wash visit the Thanks Again 'More Information' page and be sure to mention where you heard about their company.

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Posted on August 25, 2009 and filed under Car Wash Associations, Cashless, Editorial, Industry Talk, Marketing, Podcast.