Wash Ideas Weekly #22 - "Format Wars and Eco Friendly Carwashes"

This is the first week that Wash Ideas went LIVE on camera. Like all new technological wonders, all the "test trials" in the world could not have kept at least a few things from going wrong... like my bumping an audio feed cable loose. The first 1:45 minutes of the show was lost (this was just the first part of introductions)... HANG IN THERE! This was a great show, I just wish the audio recording that I did made everybody sound like a robot due to strange feedback issues... I will post the audio only of the show but with the warning of baaaad audio quality.

Ryan Carlson - Host

Our Panelists:
Geoff Baker - Owner of Easy Wash (Vancouver, Canada) , Perry Powell (Signs for Profit), Kate Carr (Lead Editor, Professional Carwashing & Detailing), Fred Grauer (Owner, Whistle Clean Carwash)

Show Sponsors: Modern Car Care

Thanks Again program: To learn more about offering reward miles for YOUR customers when they use your wash visit the Thanks Again 'More Information' page and be sure to mention where you heard about their company.

NOTE: No Audio for the first 1:45 minutes
Posted on July 27, 2009 and filed under Industry Talk, Marketing, Podcast.