SECWA Roadshow in Nashville, TN



This past weekend I had the chance to visit Nashville TN for the first time. The Southeast Carwash Association put on a GREAT little Road Show event that provided operators and distributors a chance for networking and an exchange of ideas. The board hosting the event had a highly successful roundtable discussion on the first night. The "buzz" going around the show by both operators new and old was the introduction of a monthly wash pass, or commonly called "unlimited washing for a monthly fee". It seems that anybody with in-bay automatics or tunnels are prime candidates for a program like this and there were operators giving their testimonials to their success with the program. Robert Greene of Carwash Express hosted a round table discussion on Customer Loyalty jointly with WashCard Systems. Robert walked through his plans, how he is currently selling wash passes, and his excitement over the success of the program was infectious.

Posted on February 12, 2009 and filed under Car Wash Associations, Industry Talk, Marketing.