Branding Your Wash Business

What is Business Branding?

Business branding is your business identity that is perceived by your customers and the general public. Consumers have a far easier time connecting with a business that is identifiable in some way. There are many ways in which a company can be unique and distinct amongst the vast array of local washes with the non-descript sign, "CAR WASH".


Branding Guidelines:

• Personalized logo - avoid clip-art or 'stock' logos offered by the printing company. You need to have a crisp and clean identity that can be used on cards, shirts, signs, and decals.


• Identify what your business does in the name - If the name of your company does not imply what your company does, how will your customer know what you do?


• Brand everything - In order to set yourself apart make sure that no matter where your customer is or what service they are using they are being reminded of where they are and are being subjected to your business branding (logo, company name, website address, company slogan).


 What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness goes far beyond having a flash logo or a snazzy color scheme. Brand awareness is when you are able to get consumers to associate things such as value, quality, and service with your business. Every business strives to have their customers associate positive attributes with their business and branding. One of the primary goals of a marketing campaign is to create brand awareness with existing customers as well as potential customers.


What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a combination of leveraging your branding (positive aspects of your company) and giving customers and potential customers reasons for coming back. Customers will become loyal customers for a variety of reasons and it isn't because of a logo or color scheme. 


Consumers are creatures of habit and  are also inherently selfish. Businesses that understand the importance of generating both brand awareness and brand loyalty understand that at times running a business feels like a big game. Like most games, this one has rules as well.


Basic Rules of Creating Brand Loyalty

1) Convenience is king; All things created equal the business that is easier to find, easier to get to, and easier to use will come out on top every time. Consider how much time and effort goes into paying for the wash? Activating a service? Getting Change? Getting a Receipt?


2) Consistency is king; In order to establish brand loyalty a business must also prove to the customer that the quality and service is going to be good on a consistent basis! When employees are only helpful half of the time or the equipment "mostly works" this is counter-productive to establishing positive brand awareness.


3) Community is king; A business that is able to actively generate brand loyalty and brand awareness does so by taking an active role within their community. By sponsoring local events, sports teams, and community organizations with your time, effort, and participation in fundraising you tap into the very fiber of humanity - being part of a community. The business that supports it's community will in turn be supported BY their community.



Posted on May 28, 2008 and filed under Industry Talk, Marketing.