My Top 10 Recommendations for 2009

I Present to you the Top 10 ways in which to improve profitability and sales on a budget in 2009.

Because of the economic conditions that we are faced with in the car washing industry it is time to follow the lead of our own customers. Now is the time to take care of the car(wash) that we already have and focus on getting the most out of it we can. There is far too much waste on labor, lost sales due to equipment failures, and not nearly enough attention on marketing and finding ways of appealing to the next generation of wash customers.

10. Fresh Paint and New Bulbs - This may seem insignificant but now is the time to realize that those customers that are still washing their cars want a clean and well lit environment to wash their car. Applying a fresh coat of paint and replacing old light fixtures (or bulbs) is a great way to appeal to the consumer populace that assimilates 83% of their information visually.

9. New Equipment Decals - Now is the time to contact your equipment dealer and order up some new equipment decals to spruce up the hardware that you already have. For a small additional cost wash owners are also turning to replace their old peeling decals with new customer equipment decals as part of their business branding efforts and onsite marketing and promotions.
Posted on November 26, 2008 and filed under Editorial, Industry Talk, Marketing.