How Technology is Reducing Labor Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Business owners are always looking for ways in which to increase profitability, reduce reliability on labor (thus reducing the cost), and seek to reduce wash downtime as a result of equipment failure or human error. There are three areas in particular in which technology and software-based systems have made a significant impact on a wash operations bottom line.

Point of Sale and Administration Software: Anytime you can reduce the amount of time in which a task takes has a direct impact on the overall operating cost. There are a number of companies in the car washing industry that have made significant strides in automating the back-office of a wash operation. Companies like ICS and DRB have long been offering point of sale solutions and back end software that provides significant value and savings for business owners through automation.

Automatic Entry Stations: Automated greeting stations have come a long way since their introduction into the marketplace. These units go far beyond time savings and represent a technology that directly reduces the number of employees needed by a car wash business. The second primary benefit is in the consistency they provide for the car wash customer - never short changing a customer or forgetting to offer any number of package upgrades or additional services during the sales process. Entry stations don’t call in sick, forget to tuck in their shirt, or steal from you.

Remote Wash Monitoring Systems: Wash operations that take advantage of wash monitoring systems have a significantly reduced amount of downtime, employee theft, and a greater understanding of when and where employee staffing will be needed. Wash monitoring systems are a relatively old concept that has been given a greater significance given the power of internet-based communication and remote access. It was always one thing to have a back office solution tracking wash counts and chemical usage. It is another thing to have a system that automatically contacts wash owners, service managers, and chemical companies when equipment has failed, water pressure has dropped, or chemical is running low. In a business in which time is money it is incredibly useful to have real-time knowledge of exactly what the health and wealth of your business is at any given time.
Posted on November 11, 2008 and filed under Editorial, Industry Talk, Marketing.