From the Headlines: Entrepreneurs capitalize on Aussie water shortage


Entrepreneurs capitalize on Aussie water shortage

[Modern Car Care vol.10 August 2007 p.16]

"BRISBANE, Queensland -- While the Austrialian water shortage is putting most carwashes in hot water financially, one man is cleaning up on the deal. Strip club owner Warren Armstrong saw the situation as an opportunity to combine carwashing services with entertainment, so he created Bubbles 'n Babes. Customers can watch as their car is washed by a topless woman for $45 Austrialian, or a nude woman, complete with lap dance, for $82 Austrialian. "I'm just trying to make an honest dollar -- simple as that. " Armstrong said."

~It may not be my target market, but it goes to show that there will always be somebody that thinks outside of the box to turn a bad situation into a business opportunity.

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