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Owner: David DuGoff, An Attorney Who Would Rather Wash Cars,  Discusses Fighting for the Water Rights of Car Washes.

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Continuous Improvement: A Path to Excellence!

Corey Joslin, operations manager, of 3 Minute Magic Car Wash shares how Continuous Improvement has changed their corporate culture.  

Additionally, this style of leadership, all but eradicates employee turn over.


Car Wash Fights City Drought Restrictions & Closings.

Jim Cadotte, General Manager of All American Car Washes, in Wichita Falls, TX, describes in detail the battle to keep the car wash open and employees working during the extreme conditions of their water supply. Learn what it has taken to prepare for the worst.  A must hear for owners and managers.


The City of Dallas Tries to Take Dale Davenport's Car Wash.

Dale Davenport and his father are the owners of Jim's Car Wash, on a corner lot in South Dallas. Listen to Jim tell his story of the battles he has faced and continues to face to retain ownership of his business.