WashIdeas.com Relaunching Under New Ownership

Press Release:

Joint Announcement From: Ryan Carlson, Perry Powell and washideas.com

Ryan Carlson, Founder of WashIdeas.com -  Saint Paul, MN

Years ago I created a podcast and a blog all about the car wash industry, customer loyalty, marketing, and brought together each week a panel of experts from within the wash industry to discuss news, events, and best practices that owners and operators could benefit from. In an effort to continue the work I began in the car wash industry, I am pleased to announce the transfer of the WashIdeas site into the knowledgable hands (and brain) of Perry Powell.

As many of you know, Perry has worked for many years in the car wash industry helping business owners truly understand how their business works. Perry was the first sign consultant that I'd ever met that used neurological science to create menu signs to influence human behavior and buying habits. His career has taken him through a variety of sign, sales, marketing, and business matters pertinent to the car wash industry. I learned a lot from Perry and others like him as a result of my work on WashIdeas 

On Monday, June 2nd - 2014 Perry will launch an entirely new WashIdeas website reflecting his vision and expertise within the wash industry. I encourage you to participate in this new venture as I am sure that Perry will provide very useful information for you all.

Thank you again for the time we shared, it was truly a highpoint in my career in the wash industry - to this day I still slow down and rubberneck when driving by a car wash facility.


Ryan Carlson


Perry Powell -  Fort Worth, TX

 To all my car wash colleagues, I am grateful for the time I have spent in the industry and the friends I have made through the years, not the least of which, is Ryan Carlson. Our industry is not the better for his absence.! 

I look forward to advancing the concept, first conceived by Ryan, and placing my own fingerprints on the effort.! 

You can visit the current site and sign up for the upcoming announcements and be notified of the launch on the current site, www.washideas.com!

Please stay tuned for the June 2 launch and if you will share this news with others. Thank You!

Perry Powell 

Posted on May 16, 2014 .